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Kisaskräcken - The Red Potato Nose Suite - new project and free album

newsPosted by Peter Andersson Thu, December 31, 2015 00:24:45
to celebrate the last day of the year, here is s a new weird project of mine:


Named after a late legendary local dipsomaniac in Boxholm, often found on or lying around his bicycle terrorizing children, Kisaskräcken is another weird project of Peter Andersson. Inexplicable mumbo jumbo electronic sounds from the heart of Boxholm. Some of you may remember the Bocksholm tune The Horror of Kisa, and yes, it's the same scary drunkard we are talking about. He had a big red nose.

The live version of The Red Potato Nose Suite is recorded at Hulterstad Sound, Granforsen/Boxhohlm/Sweden on August the 8th, 2015.

Enjoy the free download!


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