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Anonyma Alkoholister - Moonshining - free download album

newsPosted by Peter Andersson Sun, December 22, 2013 13:41:15
To celebrate xmas and the soon arriving new year I hereby give you a free download album from my kind of strange project Anonyma Alkoholister:


Press release:
This may be the most obscure project by Peter Andersson. Anonyma Alkoholister first appeared in the late 90's on a tiny compilation called 'Midnight Special 4' with the track 'Funcadelic'. Then there was a long silence. In 2012 the project suddenly appeared live on the newly established festival Hulterstad Sounds in the wild forest outside Mjölby, Sweden. The Anonyma Alkoholister material are created and curated under strong influences of alcohol, and this is mostly reflected in the titles. The sounds from 2012 are really representing two worlds; both a chill-out minimal electronic style and a more harsh industrial style. Both studio versions and live versions of the 2012 tracks are included here. The early material from the 90's (track 5-9) are a bit different, though still in the electronic field. Some tryouts in genres as funk, club and dance music. I don't tell you it's good, it's just different. Not sure why I did this. Well, being drunk one does a lot of things one should regret. But here it is and it's free download!


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