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newsPosted by Peter Andersson Thu, October 08, 2015 22:45:37
To celebrate the first recorded observation of the Supernova 1604 (also called Kepler's Supernova) on the 9th of October 1604 the new Atomine Elektrine album Laniakea will be released tomorrow! The album is dedicated to the late Edgar Froese of Tangerine Dream. Available on CD (Wrotycz Records) and as download album (Yantra Atmopsheres). Pre-sale available now:


Press release:
The word Laniakea means the immeasurable heaven: deep, spacious, dark and ostensibly emtpy but still full of energy, matter, structures and bright objects. The same words can be said about the sound on the new studio album by Atomine Elektrine. Further on, the 'Laniakea' album is also characterized by molecular reactions, eroding particles, nuclear fractals, diffused lightwaves and multiversed orbits. Old fashioned modular analogue electronic synthesis combined with modern digital processing is the gravitational focal point on 'Laniakea'. The tracks have mainly sequencer driven narratives with ambient layers of both classic retro styled elements and advanced processed novel sounds.

The origin of the 'Laniakea' album is based on two fundamental occurrences: The definition of the galaxy supercluster Laniakea in 2014 and the decease of the Tangerine Dream mastermind Edgar Froese in 2015. 'Laniakea' is simply a homage to the vastness of space and a eulogy to the kosmische musik that appeared in the early 1970's.

Three bonus tracks (sketches) are included on the CD version (duration 76 minutes) compared to the digital download album (duration 61 minutes). Comes in a 6-panel digipak sleeve with original art by Hypsis.


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Pre-orders of 'De Aeris In Sublunaria Influxu' and 'Feasting in Valhalla' now possible

newsPosted by Peter Andersson Mon, August 10, 2015 22:21:13
Pre-order is now possible from my bandcamp store of the standard CD edition/Download of Troum & raison d'être 'De Aeris In Sublunaria Influxu'. Exact date when the CD is in stock is still unknown (probably within a week or two), just be patient.


Pre-order is now also possible from my bandcamp store of raison d'être 'Feasting in Valhalla' CD/Download. The CD will be shipped the same time as the 'De Aeris In Sublunaria Influxu' is available for shipping.



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Now it is possible to sign-up for the Troum & raison d'être Boxset

newsPosted by Peter Andersson Tue, August 04, 2015 16:09:41
Now it is possible to sign-up for the Troum & raison d'être Boxset. I will have 10 copies for sale and a lottery will decide for the lucky ones. Sign-up before August 9 at 21:00 CET by using the contact form link available on this page:


Last day to sign up is August 9, 2015 at 09:00PM CET.

In the message or subject fields you need to write that you are interested in the De Aeris In Sublunaria Influxu Boxset.

The selected customers (the winners in the lottery) will be decided by lottery and announced by individual e-mails on August 9, after 09:00PM.

Number of Boxsets for sale:

40 Euro plus shipping costs.

Will be sent as Registered First class Air mail.
Shipment is trackable and insuranced.

Shipping costs:
- Sweden: 17 Euro
- Europe/The World: 24 Euro

The box-set will also be sold by Troum via Drone Records (only a few copies) and the label Essence-Music (the label will sell the major part of the edition), and maybe some selected mailorder shops.


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atomine elektrine - elemental severance (redux) is now available

newsPosted by Peter Andersson Mon, July 20, 2015 13:22:42
atomine elektrine - elemental severance redux 2CD / download is now available in my bandcamp webshop.


Press release:
Labelled as 'new-age-sacro-trance' at the time, 'Elemental Severance' actually shows a wide spectrum of electronic styles resulting in a hybrid, yet cohesive masterwork. From trancey rhythms and dreamy, sacral ambiences to occasional male/female choirs, melancholic melodies and well inserted samples. As if the imaginary past and present could touch each other, everything is involved by a majestic, unique surreal atmosphere, producing gorgeous sounds that leaves you truly mesmerized.

This expanded double disc redux version of 'Elemental Severance' original album, first released on Cold Meat Industry in 1995, has been carefully re-recorded and mixed in 2015 for a more enhanced and contemporary experience. The extensive extra material, taken from the same recording sessions as 'Elemental Severance', has in part been reduxed else transfered from original master recordings.

Download also includes six bonus tracks


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atomine elektrine - 'leftfield' - free download

newsPosted by Peter Andersson Sat, May 02, 2015 19:32:29
Atomine Elektrine - 'Leftfield' - Free digital album now available


Leftovers compiled. Experimental electronic adventures created as test recordings for evaluating equipment. The tracks are not unique since they have been released before, but because of the kind of leftovers the are they did not fit into the concept of those releases. So, a dedicated concept album with only the experimental leftover tracks alone suited better. Free and happy download.

Released 24 April 2015

All music by Peter Andersson.
Track 01-06 composed 1997-1998. Original release on ‘Atom Xtension’ CD-R, Yantra Atmospheres 1999. Also available on 'Binomial Fusion' 2CD on Essence Music 2004.
Track 07-08 composed 2003. Original release on ‘Zektor X’ Download album, Yantra Atmospheres 2010.
Digital release by Yantra Atmospheres, YA-2015-81.


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Free download of Dementia - 'Limbus (revisited)' 1991

newsPosted by Peter Andersson Sat, March 28, 2015 13:10:15
Free download of Dementia - 'Limbus (revisited)' 1991


With 'Limbus (revisited)' Peter Andersson goes back to the year 1991 and select the best moments from an early demo tape by his Dementia-project. The original demo contains 20 tracks, so half of them are included in this revisit. The last track became an unique bonus track copied to the master-tape alone a month later after the actual release. So the track, which was obviously not treated with care concerning the quality, was never included in the 1991 edition. The vocals of that last track is written and performed by Johanna Rosenqvist (KOEFF, Institut).

Dementia was a project by Peter Andersson existing only in 1991. Influences came from EBM, Synthpop, Techno and Industrial.

Released 20 March 2015

Music by Peter Andersson 1991. K-14 mastering 2015.
Lyric and vocals on 'Fasces (vocal)' by Johanna Rosenqvist 1991.
Original released on May 21, 1991, as 'Limbus' MC (demo), B.o.C.a.t-003.
Digital release by Yantra Atmospheres. YA-2015-80.


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Free download of Dementia - 'The Noistracker Sessions' 1991

newsPosted by Peter Andersson Mon, December 22, 2014 18:26:33
To celebrate Christmas and New Year I have released a free download album as a gift to the world. Dementia is a project I had in 1991. This is low-fi 8-bit music is made on a Atari 1040STE and Noistracker software. The Atari desktop inspired artwork may be the ugliest I have ever done. Enjoy anyway, it's free!


This is a homage to the Atari 1040STE computer and the Noisetracker software!
When I started making music with help of a computer this was my first setup and 'The Noisetracker Sessions' contains the complete collection of tracks that I made with Noisetracker. This is not the high quality music you are used to hear from Peter Andersson. The sounds used in this music is clearly low resolution 8-bit mono. At this point raison d'être existed only in theory, but just a few weeks after working with Noisetracker I bought a multi-timbral synthesizer and used Steinberg 12 software (soon replaced by Steinberg 24 Pro), and that marked the real start of raison d'être.

Dementia was a project by Peter Andersson existing only in 1991. Influences came from EBM, Synthpop, Techno and Industrial. I'm pretty sure this is very weird music for most of us. Anyhow, it is a documentation of a strange moment in the music career of Peter Andersson.

Track 01-02 taken from Suffering Deaths Agony In Affliction, MC 1991, B.o.C.a.t-004.
Track 03-08+10+23+26+28-29 taken from Subhumans, MC 1991, B.o.C.a.t-002.
Track 09+13-16+18+20+22+24-25+27 taken from Lost Recipes Now Recovered, MC 1991, B.o.C.a.t-009.
Remaining tracks are previously unreleased.

All tracks made by Peter Andersson in 1991 using Atari 1040STE computer and Noisetracker software.
K-14 level mastering 2014 from original 2-channel MC master tapes.
Digital release by Yantra Atmospheres, YA-2014-79.


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pre-order raison detre - 'Tales from the Tabula Rasa' (early work 1988-1991) album!

newsPosted by Peter Andersson Sat, November 29, 2014 18:19:07
It's now possible to pre-order raison detre - 'Tales from the Tabula Rasa' (early work 1988-1991). Available as 2CD and digital download, also including 6 bonus tracks only for customers who buy directly from the raison d'être bandcamp store:


Press release:
1: This is not a new album!
2: This does not sound like raison d'être!
3: This is raison d'être from another time and world!

'Tales from the Tabula Rasa' presents raison d'être in its earliest form, when there was no past and only future. This was the birth of raison d'être and the creative music mind of Peter Andersson. In one way it can be seen as the first particles to the seed that later became the established raison d'être sound in the 1990's. In the other way it can be seen as the evil twin seed that was left to die in an early stage, like if it was a stillborn or an infanticide. Nevertheless it is a period of time that can not completely be forgotten; a time when the first chapter of raison d'être was written. The music is heavily influenced by ancient myths, legends, religion, philosophy and history. The output is referred to tales rather than songs. There is a story told in each and every sequence.

Most of the material is previously unreleased on CD but some are known from the collection album 'Reflections From the Time of Opening'. Almost all the tracks are taken from three unofficial cassette releases from 1991, the year when raison d'être was born. A small portion is even earlier,from a pre-raison d'être project called D:Combe, active between 1988-1990. All material has been reworked in 2014. To the large extent the tracks are still the same, only some very annoying sounds or parts have been removed, and some orchestral sound samples have been replaced with better and more expressive versions. Five tracks from the original cassettes were exluded on the CD-set since they were too irritating. The exclusion made place for the D:Combe material which has been undergoing a more cosmetic treatment through a harmonized reverb becoming more hypnotic and dronelike. The fragments presented here are from the most experimental recordings, and the normal D:Combe sound was far from this, but still very primitive. Also changed is a pair of known track titles, they have returned to their original idea of spelling.

'Tales from the Tabula Rasa' contains 150 minutes of music and comes in a 6-panel Digipak enriched with photos by Roman Sirotin and painting by Jennifer Gordon and Roman Sirotin.

All music by Peter Andersson 1988-1991. Reworked 2014. K-14 level mastering.

Physical 2CD release by Old Europa Café, OECD200.
Digital release by Yantra Atmospheres, YA-2014-71.


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